English T/A/M

English (T)

Literature (T)

Essential English (A, M)

English is compulsory at St Francis Xavier. English is generally considered a subject of fundamental skills that are important for everyone in our society. But what are these skills?   English teaches you how to write effectively for a purpose, how to speak in a way that engages your audience and how to read and view the work of others as a critical and informed audience. In the modern world, everyone needs to read and write as part of their normal life.  English is not just about preparing for a university course or for a job. English is also about understanding literature.  When we read novels, and plays or watch films we are participating in the shared culture of the world.  There is no thought we think, or emotion we feel that is not represented somewhere in literature.  We can become better people by reading literature that can make us understand our own thoughts and emotions.

English T

English (T) is a study of literature, media and language in which students critically and creatively engage with a variety of texts in all language modes. English extends students’ language, literature and literacy skills for a range of purposes and audiences and builds on the knowledge and skills developed in the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum. Students engage in a detailed study of increasingly complex texts and language. They learn how to analyse different interpretations of texts and how to use language modes to achieve specific effects.

Literature T

Literature (T) (Double Major English) is an additional line of English which provides students with the opportunity to study literature at an intensive level and aims to engage students in the detailed study of literary texts. It builds on the knowledge and skills developed in the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum. Literature deepens students’ understanding of conventions common to different types of composition, and refines their understanding of the effects of language through shared experience of texts and the creative process. Learning to appreciate literary texts, and to create their own, enriches students’ understanding of human experiences and the capacity for language to communicate those experiences.

Essential English (A/M)

Essential English (A/M) is designed to develop students’ literacy skills and for those who wish to undertake a practical English course. Students examine the purpose and language of a range of texts, expanding their ability to understand, evaluate and communicate effectively in and for a range of contexts. Essential English develops and refines students’ language, literature and literacy skills, which enable them to interact confidently and effectively with others in everyday, community, social and applied learning contexts.