Payment of Fees

As you can appreciate, the quality of education we offer our students is directly related to the ability to provide excellent resources. The College relies heavily on the prompt payment of fees to meet its running costs. You can access the fee schedule here and the following provides information on the payment of fees, including various payment methods.

Payment of Fees

Fees are charged and payable over four terms except for Year 12, which is charged and payable over three terms.  All fees are due at the end of the second week of each term. A late payment processing fee will be applied to accounts not paid by the due date.  You will not be charged this fee if you contact the College in advance of the due date to advise your payment will be late.

Please note that if a student is on extended leave from the College, such as an overseas holiday, full fees remain payable for that time period.

If you are having difficulty meeting your fee obligation we ask that you contact the College to discuss the matter. Families experiencing genuine hardship will receive every assistance we can offer. Information on fee assistance can be found here. 

Unfortunately, if we receive no response to fee reminders the matter will be referred to external agencies to assist in recovery of the debt.

Tuition Fee Sibling Discounts

The Tuition fee component of total fees is set by the Catholic Education Commission to administer Catholic Education in the Archdiocese. The following sibling discounts apply to this fee for families who have children attending Diocesan Colleges:

Diocesan Colleges in the ACT are:

  • John Paul College
  • Merici College
  • St Clare’s College
  • St Francis Xavier College
  • St Mary Mackillop College

Discounts in secondary schools apply upwards with the oldest chid paying the full fee and discounts applied to younger children according to age. Families who have children attending an eligible college other than St Francis Xavier and for whom an appropriate discount has not been applied should pay their entire term account and advise us in writing of the child’s name. date of birth and attending school. Adjusting entries will be processed against your next account.  Where families have students in both Archdiocesan primary and secondary school simultaneously, a 20% discount applies to the eldest primary school child.  Please contact your primary school for further details.

Cancellation of Enrolment

If a student leaves the College during the school term with a minimum of two weeks written notice the student is eligible for a refund of 50 % of the current term’s fees if the date of departure is within the first half of the term. Where the date of departure is in the second half of the term, no refund is applied. If less than two weeks’ notice is given, refunds are at the discretion of the Principal, giving regard to the circumstances of departure.

Fee Payment Options

The College offers a variety of methods for the payment of school fees including Qkr!, BPAY, Direct Debit, Credit Card, EFTPOS, cheque and cash.


Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) is a convenient mobile payment app that parents and guardians can use to pay school fees directly from their smart device. Qkr! accepts Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards and you can register more than one card within the app. The Qkr! app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. If using an iPad you can download the iPhone version of Qkr!. The app can also be used to order and pay for excursions, uniforms and event tickets. Please view our Qkr! page for more information and start making payments right away:

Qkr! Payment System 


The BPAY facility is available for paying school fees only. Payment can be made through internet or telephone banking by quoting the Biller Code and your Reference Number which appear next to the BPAY logo on the front of your fee statement.  If you do not already use BPAY please contact your financial institution to set up the facility on your account.

Direct Debit

It may be more convenient for you to pay school fees by regular instalments using a direct debit facility. Direct debits can be set up to make payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly by completing a Direct Debit Request Form:

Direct Debit Request Form

The College also offers Direct Debit from a designated credit card by completing the following form:

Credit Card Direct Debit Authority Form

All existing Direct Debits are to be altered in December for the following year’s fees and can be amended by completing a Direct Debit Amendment Form:

Direct Debit Amendment form

Charges commence in January and run over 52 weeks, 26 fortnights or 12 months.

When paying by instalment, it is the responsibility of the parent(s)/caregivers to ensure that the payment amount is sufficient to cover all charges throughout the year. It is recommended you reconcile your Fee Statement each term to ensure fees will be fully paid by December each year.

Credit and Debit Card Payments

Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards payments can be made in person, at the College, over the telephone or by completing the appropriate section on your fee account and returning it to the College.

Cash and EFTPOS

Cash and EFTPOS payments may be made in person at the College. The Cashier can be contacted by phone on 6258 1055 or via email at for further information on fee payment options.