Important Information About Fees

Dear Parents and Students,

I am writing this letter to highlight several important features regarding College fees.

As you can appreciate, the quality of education we offer to all students is very much related to our ability to provide excellent resources.   The College relies heavily on the prompt payment of college fees to meet its running costs.

A full schedule of College Fees for 2018 is on our website at this link.

Payment of Accounts

All fees are due at the end of the second week of each term.  A $20.00 fee will be applied to accounts not paid by the due date.  It will NOT apply to parents who are paying their account by instalments or to parents who have contacted us each term to let us know their payment will be late.  In addition, if you feel you have an arrangement in place from a previous year, please ring our Senior Accounts Officer, Selena Waghorn, on 6258 1055 to confirm that this remains current.

Therefore, to avoid this charge, please take advantage of one of the following:

  • Pay all fees owing by the end of week two of each term;
  • Put in place, by direct debit, a regular instalment to pay your account over time;
  • Contact us each term, prior to the due date, if your payment will be late.

If you have any queries, please contact Selena Waghorn on 6258 1055 or email

If parents are experiencing difficulty in meeting their obligations with fees we ask that you contact the College and, if necessary, make an appointment to discuss the matter.   Families experiencing genuine hardship will receive every assistance we can offer; unfortunately, if we receive no response to fee reminders, the situation will be referred to outside agencies to assist in the recovery of the debt.


Discount arrangements for tuition fees in secondary schools apply upwards, i.e. the oldest child pays the full fee and discounts are applied to younger children. Parents who have a child or children attending a Diocesan College other than St Francis Xavier, [ie Merici, St Clare’s or Mackillop] and for whom the appropriate discount has not been applied to your account, please pay the whole of the term’s account and advise us in a covering letter of the child’s name, date of birth, and school attended.  Adjusting entries will be passed to your next account.

Qkr! – Preferred Payment Method

Download Qkr! on your Android phone or iPhone. (iPad users can download iPhone app) to pay school fees, excursions, tours and canteen lunches with your credit card.

BPAY – Telephone and Internet Banking

In order to assist parents the College is able to offer the opportunity to pay fees via BPAY. If you do not already utilise BPAY for other payments contact your Bank, Credit Union or Building Society to arrange a BPAY facility for your account. This will then enable electronic or phone payment of fees from your cheque, savings or credit card account. Our Biller Code and your Reference Number appear next to the BPAY symbol on the front of your fees statement.

Direct Debit, Credit Card and EFTPOS Payments

Some parents find it more convenient to pay college fees by instalments. The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) provides this facility. Direct debits may be set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A direct debit request allows the CDF to direct debit an individual’s designated bank account and credits the College’s bank account.

The CDF does not charge any fee to either the College or the parent for this service.  However, your bank may charge a fee.  You may need to contact your bank to establish if there are any costs associated with this method of payment.

We are also able to offer direct debit from a designated credit card.  The forms are available at the College and on our website at this link

Mastercard and Visa can be used to pay fees by completing the appropriate section on the fees account and returning it to the College.  Payments can also be made by telephone or in person at the College. EFTPOS transactions will need to be conducted at the College.

The Cashier can be contacted by phone on 6258 1055 or via email at for further details in respect of these payment options.


Receipts will only be issued if specifically requested at the time of payment of fees. Building Fund donations are 100% tax deductible and receipts may be requested from the Cashier after 30 June.


The College Levy covers any excursion with a cost of $25.00 or less per student.  Excursions costing over $25.00 will be payable by the student at the time of the excursion.

Year 12 College Fees

With a view to the additional costs incurred by families of Year 12 students in the fourth term of each year agreement has been reached for Diocesan Colleges to apportion fees for Year 12 students over the first three terms of the year.   Year 12 fees are expected to be paid in full by the end of Week 2 Term 3Families are liable for the full annual fees once the student has gained enough points to gain his/her Year 12 Certificate even if the student elects to leave before the end of the school year as Year 12 fees relate to the total Year 12 package.

Where younger siblings attend the College, the per family component (P&F Levy and Building Fund Donation) will also be charged over three terms.

Students who leave the school during the term

Where a student is officially enrolled at the College during a school term and leaves the College, to attend another school before Week 5 the fees for the term will be prorated.  Full fees for the term will be payable if the student leaves between Week 5 – Week 10.

If students are away from the College for extended periods, eg overseas holidays, full fees are payable for that time.

Anyone who is responsible for the payment of school fees will be liable for school fees up until the end of term and they are to be paid before the student leaves the school.  Should payment in full not be possible at time of leaving, an arrangement for payment will need to be made with the Accounts Manager.

As a community, we can be justifiably proud of the standard of education offered to our students.  Your continued support is gratefully anticipated.

Colleen Rowe

Acting Principal