Student Expectations

Upon accepting a place at St Francis Xavier College, parents agree to support the expectations of the College regarding student behaviour. Students are expected to adhere to the College’s high standards for:

  • Behaviour, dress and self-discipline
  • Application to course work and study, participation in College activities
  • Respect for property and people through observance of the school rules

Regulations are made for the safety and wellbeing of all members of the College community.

The following standards of conduct are expected of all students (full details of all College regulations may be found in the Student Organiser and on Canvas):

  • Show courtesy and respect for staff and fellow students
  • Behave in ways which allow all community members to feel safe at all times
  • Co-operate in the school’s program
  • Show care for health and personal appearance
  • Show respect for safety, good health, the environment and property.

Mobile Phones must be kept safe by students at all times, and their use should not interrupt teaching and learning in the classroom. Use of mobile phones or technology should at all times be respectful of personal privacy of all members of the College community.

The Student Organiser is provided by the College to students in Years 7 and 8, and is to be carried to all lessons. The Organiser is not a personal diary and therefore must not be annotated, graffitied or contain pictures, drawings, etc. Homework and assignments should be noted in the Organiser, which is checked regularly by Pastoral Leaders. Students in Years 9 to 12 are encouraged to use an electronic calendar on their laptop.

Permission notes, providing details for parents about time, cost, place and transport arrangements, are always issued for activities such as excursions, socials and special events. Notes must be returned by the specified due date to enable final arrangements to be put in place. If students do not arrive for an event for which parental permission has been arranged, staff will notify parents.

Expectations of all students are summarised in Student Regulations, and can be found on Canvas, Student Diary (Years 7 & 8) or here: Student Regulations.