Information Technology

Check out the Rescue Team’s website and get a look at what Robotics is like at St Francis Xavier College.

At St. Francis Xavier Information Technology is integrated into the Middle school program and students are able to use a wide variety of programs and technology to use in the classroom and complete assessment tasks.

In Years 9 and 10 there are two year and one year courses that students can chose as an elective subject.  The course covers, programming, game making, robotics, databases and networking. Students are also able to compete in computing competitions such as Robocup and The National ICT Standards Certificate.

Senior students can elect to participate in T/A/V courses. The subjects include programming, networking .  The school uses industry standard software and allows the students to move into university, CIT and the workplace to further develop their IT skills.

In the Vet course students can obtain a Certificate II in Computing and Business Administration.