Mathematics at St Francis Xavier College is not a spectator sport!

The Mathematics curriculum provides students the opportunity to build robust knowledge and deep understanding of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability. Through mathematical inquiry and investigations, students are encouraged to develop confidence, perseverance, creativity and flexibility in solving problems.  Students are also challenged to build an increasingly sophisticated capacity for logical argument.

In Year 7, students at St Francis Xavier College study Mathematics as part of an integrated Sciences course.  From Year 8 through to Year 10, Mathematics is experienced as a dedicated subject and follows the Australian Curriculum for Mathematics.  In Years 11 and 12, students can currently select from three ACT tertiary (T) level courses (Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Mathematical Applications) or the ACT accredited (A) level course, Essential Mathematics. Specialist Mathematics is offered as a double major course of study.

The study of Mathematics provides essential and transferable analytical and problem solving skills that students can apply in their everyday lives, work and study at school and beyond.  Furthermore, students grow to appreciate that Mathematics has an intrinsic value and beauty as a consistent body of knowledge that is based on logical reasoning and has developed over time and with the contribution of many cultures.