High School

The High School Curriculum builds on the solid foundations laid in the Middle School and prepares students for their senior studies. This is a time of development, opportunity and challenge.

The Core Subjects of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Social Science, Science and Physical Education remain, with electives offered in Languages, Design and Technology, Food and Fabric, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Information Technology. The Personal Development and Christian Values program continues as a program of study within Pastoral Classes.

Although Social Science is still compulsory, a wider choice is offered to students in Years 9 and 10. Students choose a Social Scienc elective to study for a year in Year 9. They may continue with the same choice in Year 10 or choose a different Social Science elective. They also choose electives from the practical areas: one is the continuing elective (studied for the two years over Year 9 and 10) and the other two are one-year electives studied in either Year 9 or 10.

The ACT Curriculum Framework Every Chance To Learn is used to develop the High School Curriculum. Content is drawn from the Essential Learning Achievements in the Later Adolescent Band of Development.