What does “We are SFX” mean to you?


Cover artwork submissions can be
  • Original 2D art
  • Original digital design or drawing
  • Original photograph
Submission requirements
  • MUST include words “St Francis Xavier College” and year “2021”
  • MAY feature “We Are SFX”, SFX logo
  • Do not add text too close to the edge of the page
  • Leave 1-2cm of space around the edges with no text to avoid print issues
  • Design needs to on A4 paper (no lines) or equivalent digital size – portrait orientation
  • Artwork can be submitted as a photo or digital file
    • Artwork must be saved as .jpeg or .png
    • Resolution must be 300dpi or larger
  • When entering your artwork include:
    • Student name
    • Pastoral class
  • If submitting original artwork, write your info on the back lightly with pencil so it does not go through to the artwork on the front.
  • Use lots of colour, including the background – don’t leave uncoloured white space
  • Mix up your medium, use crayons, watercolours, markers, pastels etc.
  • Check your spelling!
Due Tuesday 5 October 2021 extended, now due Monday 18 October 2021.

Please contact Marketing & Communication if you have any questions.

Submit entries to: or deliver to Marketing & Communication Office once we are back at school.

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