Defence Families

St Francis Xavier (SFX) College is home to a wonderful group of Defence families and their children.  Our Defence families are represented in all year levels from 7-12.

Defence Student Mentor

We have a Defence Student Mentor at the school, Debra Slack, who provides assistance to Defence students and their families while also raising awareness in the school community of the lifestyle that is unique to military families.

The program is designed to support four key areas of a students school life:

  • Welcoming
  • Integrating
  • Parental Absence Support, and
  • Farewelling.

At SFX this is achieved through a fortnightly Defence Kids Drop-in program.  Students gather for a canteen catered lunch every second Monday.  Usually our students bring along a friend.  This is vital to ensuring a supportive network within the Defence community at SFX and is a great way for non military students to gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities experienced by our Defence students.

This year we have been fortunate to run a Year 7/8 multisport tournament, get into the kitchens for some end of term celebrations and experience a Sneak Peak at the school musical Grease.

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