Fee Concessions

It is the policy in the Archdiocese that no student should be disadvantaged because their family is unable to pay fees. If you are facing financial difficulty, please contact us for a confidential conversation regarding available assistance to ensure your child can access their Catholic Education.

All Catholic schools have similar arrangements in place to give assistance to families on low incomes via a Concession Application Form which we will be very happy to help you fill out. Please note, families who are currently receiving assistance will need to reapply for 2019.

ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme

The ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme can also assist low-income families. A payment of $750 for 2019 is available to those on low incomes in the ACT who have dependant full-time students in years 7 – 10. Applicants must be holders of a Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card with means tested payment code.

If you believe you are eligible apply directly to the ACT Department of Education and Training. Application Forms are available from the College or online from the Department through the following link:

• ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme Application Form