Resource Centre

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Friday: 8am – 3:15pm

The Resource Centre, also referred to as the RC, is a centre for innovation and excellence in Teaching and Learning and is an integral part of the busy daily life of all of our school community. Physically placed in the heart of the college campus, the Resource Centre welcomes and accommodates a variety of student needs.

What is the RC?

Whether it is solitary study, working collaboratively on group tasks, gathering resources or taking time out with a good book, the Resource Centre has a space with your needs in mind. We encourage a learning centred focus during the school day and during after-school opening hours. During break times we recognise students’ need to unwind and de-stress. For this reason, playing cards, Uno, chess and puzzles are made available.

Our Virtual Reality Incursions

Virtual Reality incursions compliment all areas of study and are a highly engaging way for our  students to virtually travel all over the world to help bring to life their studies. From Year 12 Psychology students studying the brain and neuroscience to a field trip to Ancient Egypt’s pyramids, our students are excited and engaged by this technology. Escape Rooms are another innovative learning tool utilised to further our students problem solving and collaborative skills.

Books and resources

From an extensive non-fiction collection to full-text research databases, the Resource Centre provides an extensive range of print and electronic resources. Users can also borrow e-books and audiobooks for educational purposes and recreational reading.

Support for Students

The college is blessed with dedicated staff that provide additional support to our students through the Homework Heroes initiative. This runs after school Monday through Thursday from 3-4pm. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of Maths tutorials on a Wednesday afternoon when Maths teachers are available in the RC for small group tutoring.

Workshops for Students

Through dedicated workshops students develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyse information efficiently and effectively so that they may become independent lifelong learners. Students work with Teacher Librarians to develop skills to critically evaluate the data available to them in the information rich world they live in, to construct new understandings and insights. Our Online Referencing Generator is freely available to use so that all students research and acknowledge their sources in an ethical manner.

SFX boasts a strong reading culture and dedicates regular lesson time for visits to the Resource Centre. Teacher Librarians work closely with students to select quality and engaging literature to nurture student’s love of reading. The Reading Lounge is a comfortable space for students to get ‘lost’ in a book.

The Resource Centre is a changing and dynamic place, at the forefront of the information age, aiming to foster in our students the skills and desire for life long learning.

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