Grease is the Word | Musical Rehearsals Begin!

By Hannah Carey

The Grease Production Team and I are very pleased to announce our 2019 Cast and Band!

We had over 100 students audition which was absolutely brilliant but it does mean that we have quite a few broken hearts. We simply cannot fit 100 students on our stage ☹

We have, however, encouraged those that did not make it to still get involved with backstage or front of house.

The cast and band began rehearsals last Thursday. At this rehearsal we explained to the students that they need to keep up to date with all school work and assessment. If they do not do this then their position in the musical may be reconsidered.

In the coming months we will be seeking staff and student volunteers to assist with the various aspects of the production. In the meantime, feel free to pop in for a sticky beak on Monday and Thursday afternoons!


Sandy– Savahna O’Donnell

Danny– Ruben Amosa

Rizzo– Claire Hackett

Marty– Taylah Attwood

Beatrice (B for short)- Diane Magnocavallo

Jan– Grace Braybon

Frenchy– Emily O’Brien

Kenickie– Aidan Daly

Roger– Elliot Cleaves

Doody– Michael Galen-Mules

Sonny– Ashley Jefferys

Putzie– Ryan Sweeney

Patty– Isabelle Seselja

Cha Cha– Monique Swan

Eugene– John Judd

Miss Lynch– Clare Barry

Blanche- Rebecca Levi

Vince Fontaine- Peter Winjen

Jeannie Casino- Nyasha Kamhuka



Abbey Reynolds

Abi MacDonald

Abigail Higgins

Alex McLaughlin

Alyssa Laggner

Amina Seck

Amy Freeman

Angelina Stewart

Anina Hinchcliffe

Anna Scorgie

Audrey Worthington

Bailey Weinman

Bella Agett

Breanna Kelly

Cassie Merrick

Charlotte Dickson

Charlotte Drury

Chloe Mann

Clare Healey

Deborah Simpson

Elarah Cartwright

Elyse Strachan

Emily Gill

Emma Myatt

Erin Teasdale

Evie Poretti

Genevieve Hackett

Giselle Heron

Grace Laurent

Hannah Sounantha

Isabelle Wallace

Jaime Cartwright

Jessica Kelly

Katie Kirk

Keerthana Ambili Rajendran

Kendrick Cruz

Lachlan Harrop

Lakita Shilling

Lucy O’Brien

Luke Woodward

Isabella Johnson

Makenna Bailey

Matilda Hutchison

Mikeely Sweeting

Millie Alston-Campbell

Pip Walker

Rachel Cummings

Rhys McLaughlin

Sam Knight

Sophie Bray

Tazmyn O’Sullivan

Thanachot Duangwichai

Thomas Spurling

Yolanda Gill

Zac Mitchell

Zoe Levett


Andrew Knight

Benjamin O’Connor

Eamon Dalton

Ezekiel Graetz

Gabriel Zolli

Hamish Knight

Harrison Whalan

Raziel Colina-Alcazar

Xander Cusch

*Any other student wishing to be a part of the band, please contact Mr Child for an audition!!!

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