Welcome to St Francis Xavier College. SFX as it is often called is an exciting place to be.  We are wholeheartedly committed to educating your child and providing them with an educational experience where they feel valued and they belong. We strive to be people who see the glass as half full, not half empty.  SFX is a place where everyone in the community is encouraged to learn, to grow and to work towards a brighter future.

SFX is a special place. Students report that they feel safe and that there are many opportunities, within the classroom and in terms of extra-curricular activities at SFX. The students say that there is always someone they can go to if they need assistance. SFX has a fine reputation with regards to academic achievement and pastoral care. Visitors report that they experience a sense of calm and order, even though the enrolment is close to 1200.

SFX has a supportive and committed parent body. There are avenues for parents to contribute to the life of the school and the reporting and pastoral structures ensure that parents are kept informed of matters relating to their child’s education.

At SFX there has been a deliberate and purposeful effort to engage students in the learning process.  This is particularly evident in the focus on the three levels of school:

  • Middle School (Years 7 & 8)
  • High School (Years 9 & 10)
  • Senior School (Years 11 & 12)

Some of the many opportunities St Francis Xavier College offers are:

  • a strong academic program from Years 7 - 12
  • mentoring programs (Seniors with Junior students, staff with students)
  • an explicit Pastoral Care program incorporating a Personal Development & Christian Values Curriculum
  • the new Student Services Hub that provides the opportunity for flexible and independent learning and links the Resource Centre with the Canteen, Café and playground.
  • a study support program for Year 11 and AST preparation lessons in Year 12
  • Australian School-based Apprenticeships through our VET & Careers Coordinators
  • student leadership training across all year groups
  • a well-equipped Resource Centre providing learning and research assistance in an aesthetically pleasing environment
  • a Volunteering Program for Year 9 and a Community Outreach Program for Year 10
  • activities such as Writers' Workshops, Strategic Games, Manga Club and Debating
  • the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Dance Festival, inter-school Sports Days, School Musical, Band, Choir, and Art Exhibition

Best wishes,

Angus M Tulley


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