When your child is absent from school, please notify the College, preferably on the day he or she is away. Parents may call the College on the absence line 62789099 or, using the email address that is registered on the College database, email or submit an online absent form (below). Emails should be sent to StudentOffice@sfx.act.edu.au. Your child’s Pastoral Leader will be notified.

If your child is absent and a parent has not notified the College, the Student Office will send a SMS to the parent indicating the child's absence. Please respond to this message, using your child's FULL name and your full name and the reason for the absence. Your response acknowledging the absence will be recorded and no further action is required. Only one form of notification is needed when reporting a child’s absence, but an explanation must be given for every day absent.

Pastoral Leaders may also contact parents via email to chase up overdue notes. Please note that, if there are multiple dates to be accounted for, each date must have a reason for each absent/late that has not been explained. In this case parents should reply either to the Pastoral Leader or StudentOffice@sfx.act.edu.au via return email with an explanation.

A hard copy of the Absentee Explanation note can be found here: Absent Note


Online Absence Form




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