The Office 365 cloud suite and Office 365 Pro Plus advantage for Teachers and Students is now available for St Francis Xavier College staff and students. 

Your SFX account has been automatically synchronised with your cloud based Office 365 account.

Your login to your Office 365 cloud account is your and your current password.

Access Office 365

You will now be able to use Office 365 online and download and install Office 2013 on 5 computers or tablets yourself, legally while you have a valid account at St Francis Xavier College!

You also get a 1 TB One Drive that you can use to save your files.

ImportantUn-install Office 2010 BEFORE you install Office 2013 as the upgrade does not always work and ends up with your laptop needing to be re-imaged. You need to do this before installing Office 2013 on your school laptop.

If you have any problems please email or call into IT Support at school.

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