We live in a rapidly changing technological world. Information and communication technology (ICT), including hardware and personal digital devices, software, and systems that manage, store, process, create, produce and communicate information, has become an important part of everyday life. As educators we are responsible for the integration of ICT capabilities in teaching, learning and assessment, which can lead to enhanced outcomes for students. The integration of ICT can develop knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes and behaviours to assist students to live and work successfully in our world.

Our school aims to provide ICT opportunities to all students and in every curriculum area, in a safe and secure networked environment. With cutting edge technology including Wi-Fi across the College, the individual student laptops for students from Year 9-12, and the integrated use of iPads for students in Years 7 & 8, learning can occur anywhere anytime. The integration of ICT not only promotes independent learning and enhances good teaching practices, but also prepares students for the increasingly connected digital world of which they are a part.

Our online learning management system Canvas App enables students, teachers, parents and carers to access unit outlines, assignments and class work from anywhere – either at school or at home. Students can also use this App to interact with the class through online collaboration and submission capabilities. We strongly encourage families to become familiar with Canvas to follow and support their child’s progress.


ICT Policy & Agreement

Laptop Policy & Agreement

iPad Policy & Agreement

Personal Electronic Device Agreement

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Setting Up Your New SFX iPad

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