On Wednesday 2 November 5pm - 7pm, St Francis Xavier College will host Kaleidoscope - The 2016 Electives Showcase. Come and see the impressive work by students from the Visual Art, Food & Textiles Technology, Applied Technology, Performing Arts, and I.T. Departments.






At the end of the competition both teams received some great results.  The team of Nicholas Cavalli and Nicholas Drury (both Year 11, pictured with teacher Mr Matthew Pham) competing in the Light Weight Soccer Competition finished 18th in the Individual Team’s Competition but in the Super Team’s Competition, being combined with a team from Macau and a team from Germany they finished first and became World Champions in the Super Team’s Competition!

The second team was in a new competition that involved students building a robot that could traverse a number of different terrains.  The object was to build a robot that would be measured against international standards (DHS-NIST-ASTM International Standard Test Methods) with the ultimate goal - to build a robot that would meet all the standards and be sold to rescue organisations.

Riley Cockerill (Year 11)  who was competing in the Rescue Mini Arena worked very hard throughout the competition and was rewarded with two certificates the first being for the Best Robot to Traverse the Gravel Component of the competition and the other was equal first in the overall competition.  Another World Champ!

The exam period can be a stressful time for our Senior students, so our Wellbeing Team looked for something to take the pressure off. Flossie's Kitten Rescue brought in kittens for Senior students to hold, pat, and play with this week, in between their exams. The buzz amongst students had been happy and joyful. The students relaxed, chatting with each other while they enjoyed the experience of the kittens. To see the full story that was broadcast on ABC TV News go to the ABC NEWS (24.20sec) or the St Francis Xavier College Facebook Page.


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