Pastoral Care is an intrinsic and essential part of our core business at St Francis Xavier College, underlying the academic, religious and social dimensions of College life. Students are challenged to grow and develop into young adults, in a supportive, caring and Christian environment, with relationships built on mutual trust and honesty.

Pastoral Care Structure and Personnel

Each student belongs to a Pastoral Group, led by a Pastoral Leader, which meets daily for general administration, roll call and prayer. The groups are house based. Year Coordinators oversee the Pastoral Groups for each of the year groups.

The Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing works with the Year Coordinators and College counsellors to support student wellbeing. The College Pastoral Associate is an essential link in the Pastoral Care team, with involvement in student leadership, family outreach, and student and parent support.

The College’s Pastoral Care program has been developed:

  • to meet the needs of adolescent students
  • to focus on our mission of assisting students to grow towards God in the context of others (family, Church and society)
  • to promote the values and attitudes which are essential to the College (truth, honesty, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and hope).

The weekly program may consist of a College or year group assembly or College activity (Community Day, SFX Day, Sports Carnival). There are also extended sessions conducted in Pastoral Groups under the leadership of the Pastoral Leader, and focusing on the pastoral care themes for that year group. These sessions may consist of input from a guest speaker, a video with follow-up discussion, a theatre performance or presentation, or small group discussion within the Pastoral Group on issues of relevance.

The program deals with issues such as:

  • resilience
  • social engagement
  • health and active lifestyles
  • safe behaviours
  • careers and future goals.

Defence Transition Mentor

The Defence transition mentor supports our Defence families and provides additional support to the pastoral care team of the College.

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