SFX Young Carers Group

St Francis Xavier College (SFX) facilitates a support program for students who are young carers in their family. A young carer is a young person who helps to take care of a family member who has a disability, chronic illness, mental health issue, substance misuse problem, or who is frail or aged. The person receiving care is often a parent but could also be a sibling, grandparent or other close relative. A young carer could also be someone who cares for younger siblings because their parents work long hours. Our young carers do a range of tasks such as cooking, cleaning, watching out for their family’s safety and taking family members to appointments.

The responsibilities associated with being a young carer can sometimes make school difficult (challenges completing homework/assignments, being late for school or missing school etc.). Stressful situations at home can also make it difficult to concentrate on learning at school. The Young Carers Group at SFX supports students to navigate the demands of school and family life so that they can flourish in all that they do.

The Young Carers Group meets during school time and provides students with the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • balancing home and school responsibilities
  • organisational skills
  • positive thinking
  • tips to manage stressful situations
  • practical skills (cooking, first aid, living a healthy lifestyle), and
  • much more!

The groups offer a safe and supportive environment where students can meet other young carers – a great opportunity to learn from and support each other. The group facilitators also offer mentoring and support on an individual basis.

If you think your child would benefit from participating in the Young Carers Program, please contact your child’s Year Coordinator.

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