Biology (T)

This course is for students who have found Biology an interesting discipline of Science or for those who wish to increase their general knowledge about the living world.  It provides a comprehensive understanding of living things and their place in the environment.  The course prepares students for tertiary studies in fields that have a biological basis (including Botany, Zoology, Human Biology and Environmental Studies). This course is following the Australian Curriculum for Biology.


Units Studied

Biodiversity and Connectedness (Prerequisites-Nil)

Students analyse abiotic and biotic ecosystem components and their interactions, using classification systems for data collection, comparison and evaluation. Fieldwork is an important part of this unit, providing valuable opportunities for students to work together to collect first-hand data and to experience local ecosystem interactions.


Cells and Organisms (Prerequisites-Nil)

Students investigate the interdependent components of the cell system and the multiple interacting systems in multicellular organisms. Human Anatomy and Physiology is a major focus of this unit.


Heredity & Continuity of Life (Prerequisite-Cells and Organisms)

Students investigate mechanisms of heredity and the ways in which inheritance patterns can be explained, modelled and predicted; they connect these patterns to population dynamics and apply the theory of evolution by natural selection to examine changes in populations. Genetics and reproductive strategies are a major focus points for this unit.


The Internal Environment (Prerequisite- Cells and Organisms)

Students investigate system change and continuity in response to changing external conditions and pathogens; they investigate homeostasis and the transmission and impact of infectious disease at cellular and organism levels; and they consider the factors that encourage or reduce the spread of infectious disease at the population level. The study of disease is the major focus of this unit.

Assessment Requirements

  • Formal Practical Report from Excursion (2000 words) – 30%
  • In-Class Data Analysis Test (90 mins plus research component 1000 words) – 30%
  • Semester Exam (90 minutes) – 40%

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