Business (T/A)

Business is the study of the essential planning requirements ranging from a small business to the broader roles of management, finance, human resource management, marketing, e-business, ethical practices, sustainability and the impacts of implications of the future business environment.

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of the structure and operation of Business models. They examine the relationship between theory and practice including the role of stakeholders and decision-making. Students develop insights into the ways and the impact of change on the business environment.

Students develop the skills to create innovative solutions to business problems. They will research and analyse information to present logical and coherent arguments through an inquiry approach to learning. Students will assess the ethical implications and consequences of a changing business environment. Skills implicit in the study of Business empower students to communicate in a variety of contexts.

The study of Business enables learners to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills to enhance the well-being of all citizens locally, nationally and globally.

The Business course provides continuity with many pathways into tertiary and industry studies. Business units offered are:


Unit 1: Changing Business Environment

This unit explores business and its dynamic environment through the following focus topics: Small business, Globalisation and Entrepreneurship.


Unit 2: Relationship Management

This unit investigates the relationship between businesses, its customers, the wider business environment and its increasing importance for business longevity through the following focus topics: Marketing, Media and Communication.


Unit 3: Planning for the Current Context

This unit investigates the range of tools and strategies utilised by business to plan for success through the following focus topics: Financial Planning, Human Resources and The Business Plan.


Unit 4: Business Challenges

This unit investigates the importance for business to be responsive to change from the internal and external environments. The focus topics for this unit are decided upon current issues happening in Australia and throughout the business world.


Assessment Requirements


Students can expect a combination of the following assessment tasks:

  • In class essays – 90 minutes (800 words),
  • Digital presentations – 10 minutes
  • Business reports – 1500 words
  • Creative design tasks – 2000 words
  • Examinations – 90 minutes



Students can expect a combination of the following assessment tasks:

  • In class essays –60 minutes (600 words).
  • Digital presentations –6 minutes
  • Business reports –1000 words
  • Creative design tasks –1500 words
  • Examinations –60 minutes

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