Continuing Italian (T)

This course is designed for students who have studied Italian for a minimum of two to three years in high school.  The main aim of the course is to enhance the students’ communicative skills and cultural awareness in both written and spoken Italian. The course also prepares a student for tertiary studies, employment or simply can be undertaken for enjoyment.  Students may complete a minor or major. This course consists of four units of study and each unit is one semester in length. The four units are as follows:


Unit:  The Individual (1.0) Unit:  Society & Community (1.0) Unit:  The Changing World (1.0) Unit:  Diverse Perspectives (1.0)
Students learn about how relationships and personal experiences shape identity. Students explore ways of belonging and reflect upon their own expression of identity through the target language.


Students explore how to participate in society and the community. Students learn how different language communities are organized. They learn through the target language how to engage in diverse cultural practices and consider these in relation to their own.


Students learn how values and culture/s shape an understanding of, and interaction with issues that impact our world. Students explore, through the target language, challenges and opportunities to share responsibilities. Students learn how culture and language are expressed and appreciated in diverse mediums to communicate, sustain and challenge thinking, behaviour and systems. Students examine and demonstrate an awareness of perspectives. They explore, through the target language, a diversity of cultural expressions in the arts and sciences.


Assessment Requirements:

  • Inquiry Based task/s – 40%
  • In class language skills tasks – 60%
  • (consisting of oral interview, writing and responding tasks)

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