Digital Technology (T/A)

This course focuses on computational thinking and the application of the design process to create and develop digital solutions using a variety of digital technologies.


Digital Technologies involves students creating new ways of doing things, generating their own ideas and creating digital solutions to problems of individual, community and global interest.


They model, analyse and evaluate data, test hypotheses, make decisions based on evidence, and create solutions. Innovative solutions may take the form of a product, prototype, and/or proof of concept that allows for improvement or disruption of existing processes or products. Students may explore a single technology deeply or may consider many different technologies in pursuit of a solution.


Through the study of Digital Technologies, students present, validate, and evaluate their solutions. In doing so, they develop and extend their understanding of designing and programming, including fundamental computer science principles such as algorithm selection and complexity, structuring data for processing and problem-solving.


Course Units

Digital Assets

The focus of this unit is on developing the students’ understanding of digital assets. Digital assets function as the building blocks of larger systems and could be as small as a simple programming function, a 3D model or as large as a webpage or a 3D environment.

Students develop the skills necessary to effectively design and develop digital assets for more complex data-driven systems. They interpret and create their own digital assets for a range of purposes and audiences


Digital applications

The focus of this unit is on managing and understanding the complexity of a data-driven system by examining the individual components involved in its operation and the interconnectedness of those components.

Students develop the skills and knowledge required to analyse and examine existing applications. Applications could be as simple as a static website or as complex as a distributed learning and management platform.

They design and build their own applications to further their understanding of the interconnected nature of various digital assets.


Digital Solutions

The focus of this unit is creating appropriate data-driven solutions to authentic problems, and on developing students’ understanding, and application, of a design process.

Students develop the skills and knowledge required to analyse and examine existing solutions to known problems and produce their own solutions to existing problems.

They focus on understanding how to choose and apply a design process to create a relevant solution for a client’s needs.


Structured Project

The focus of this unit is on developing students’ ability to conceive, define, analyse, develop, and publish a data-driven project.

Students develop and refine their design skills and knowledge in order to create and develop a project using a clearly defined structure in an authentic context.

They focus on effectively applying a design process to inform and develop their project.


The areas covered could include, 3D Modelling and Animation, Programming and Game/App development.  With a major project in Semester 2 of Year 12.


Assessment Requirements

  • Design development task
  • Product
  • Exam
  • Digital asset
  • Major Project

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