Engineering Studies (T/A)

Engineering Studies focusses on students’ utilising an investigative and innovative design process to integrate both the creative and technical requirements of problems into the development of engineered solutions.

Students will have the opportunity to research, problem solve, apply lateral thinking, mathematical and scientific principles, analyse and evaluate existing ideas, products, processes and solutions to problems.

Students will learn to generate imaginative and creative solutions of their own. They will communicate their ideas within the parameters and requirements of engineering-based tasks whilst gaining and applying knowledge of industry standards of design, manufacture and safety.

This course prepares students for further study in engineering.


Course Units

Engineering Systems

 In this unit, students learn about engineering systems and how components operate and interact. They explore user needs, including user needs analysis and requirements, and breaking design problems and solutions into smaller parts. Students create design solutions using scientific concepts, mathematical tools and computer-based simulations.


Engineering: Processes & Concepts

 In this unit, students learn about engineering design processes and concepts, and how they are used to develop and optimise solutions to problems. They explore and investigate existing products, resistant materials and components in response to a design brief. Students will design and create working models or prototypes of their solutions.


Applied Engineering

 In this unit, students learn how engineering design processes are applied to solve existing problems. They explore real world problems of increasing complexity requiring project-based solutions. Students use guidelines and a context to apply knowledge of the engineering process and theory, to develop and respond to design briefs.

Future Challenges & Innovation


In this unit, students learn about emerging societal, global and environmental challenges, and the potential for innovative engineering and emerging technological solutions. They explore and research global challenges. Students develop novel engineering solutions.


Assessment Requirements

In this course, students will be assessed on their knowledge, understanding and skills in both the design process they apply and the design solutions they produce. The design process will be assessed through tasks such as design documentation, seminars, research tasks and reviews, while the design solutions will be assessed through tasks such as portfolios, prototypes and major works.

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