Food Studies (A)

Food is fundamental to the survival of individuals, societies and the world as a whole and influences every aspect of life. The food industry has global, economic, environmental and cultural impacts.  Underpinning this course is the theme of resource management essential to the health and wellbeing of individuals and the wider community.

Units included in this course develop an understanding of a diverse and changing world in relation to food and resource management, and the safety and sustainability of food supply.  Units will address social, economic and regulatory influences that impact on decisions about food use, production and consumption.

Units included in this course provide a balance between theoretical understandings and practical capabilities. The course recognises the importance of a practical approach to solving everyday life problems and provides students with the opportunity to develop management skills involved in the selection and manipulation of resources.  Units will provide students with the skills, attitudes and understandings fundamental to effective, ethical functioning in a wide range of life roles and choices.

Students have opportunities to explore and develop food related interests and passions.  These experiences have the potential to shape personal and professional goals, enhance individual and collaborative problem-solving abilities and provide foundations for informed decision making and life choices.  Units included in this course encourage innovation and enterprise, and enable students to display personal creativity and to refine and express personal values.


Course Units

Food First

This unit investigates the reasons we eat food with particular emphasis on food for social and festive occasions. Students will prepare food for celebrations and will be involved in critically evaluating food preparation methods.


Nutrition for Life

Students study nutrition and related menu planning for the different stages of the life cycle.  There is an emphasis on health-related issues for teenagers. Practical experiences will be used to emphasise the theoretical components.


Food and Culture in Australia

During this unit students will look at the development of, and influences on Australian cuisine, from the use of bush foods to international cuisines. Students will plan and organise social activities that illustrate cultural variances and prepare a range of foods from different cultures.


Independent Living

This unit helps students prepare for independent living and looks at consumer rights, management and budgeting.  Students will plan and prepare a range of dishes, working within budgetary and time constraints.

Assessment Requirements

In this course, students will be assessed on their knowledge, understanding and skills in both theory, through tasks such as design folios and assignments, and practical work.

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