Outdoor and Environment (A)

Outdoor & Environment provides students with skills and knowledge to understand the role of the environment in mental health and physical wellbeing. It provides skills allowing students to safely and respectfully participate in physical activity in diverse outdoor environments. It allows students to understand the concept of discriminating between risk and challenge and to develop social and leadership skills. Students develop insights into environmental sustainability, particularly in local contexts. This course prepares students for lifelong physical and recreational activity as well as employment pathways.

Students develop skills to improve their own and others’ health, well-being and physical activity opportunities. Students develop analytical and critical thinking skills and learn to question and challenge assumptions about the environment and physical activity in the outdoors. They develop skills to communicate effectively and present logical and coherent arguments. Such knowledge has the potential for students to enhance their own and others’ health and well-being in varied and changing contexts.

The study of Outdoor and Environment provides pathways to further study in both tertiary and vocational areas as well as providing foundations for life-long enjoyment of the outdoors and respect for the environment.


Course Units

Discover Outdoor Environments:

Students explore the environment and its features through participating in outdoor activities in the natural environment. Students learn about the role of the environment in promoting mental health and physical well-being. They work with others to respectfully and safely participate in activities in diverse outdoor environments, building knowledge, skills, self-efficacy and appreciation of natural places.

Planning and Management:

Students are involved in planning for participation in an expedition or an activity. Students learn to plan all aspects required for participation in an expedition or one or more activities. Students will also evaluate the risks involved in the activities and learn to develop risk management and emergency response plans (such as completing a first aid course) appropriate to the activity

Responsibility of Self and Others:

Students explore the relationships between people and the environment, teamwork, leadership and individual learning characteristics. These are explored through a variety of outdoor activities, and the choice of appropriate methods applied to individual activities.

Sustainable Outdoor Recreation:

Students learn about the sustainable use of wilderness environments and the importance of healthy outdoor environments. Students develop their philosophy on adventure, connection to wilderness environments and the use of technology in outdoor recreation and various outdoor settings.

Assessment Requirements

  • Oral presentation
  • Research tasks
  • Outdoor skills
  • Reflective Journal
  • End of Semester Exam

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