Physical Education Studies (A)

The Physical Education Course is a practical activity-based course. The aim of the course is to provide students with access to, and support for, a program of regular physical activity to aid in the maintenance of their personal fitness and their continued participation in sporting and recreational activities.

The major focus of this course is to encourage participating students to develop an understanding of, and interest in, personal fitness, sport, and recreation.

This is a course suited to both female and male students and it is expected students undertaking this course will become valuable community resources as a result of their participation in the basic sports coaching and administration units.


Course Units

Sport Skills Acquisition:

Students explore the acquisition and development of sports skills and apply processes and theories associated with skill acquisition and refinement. They respectfully and safely participate in activities in a diverse range of sports, building self-efficacy.


Leisure & Recreation

This unit develops student’s understanding of physical activity, recreation and sport from a participatory perspective. Students explore activities focused on improving fitness, personal, emotional and physical wellbeing and the importance of lifelong physical activity.


Building and Improving Teams

Students explore and develop skills associated with the enhancement of teams. They will learn about factors which affect performance and implement strategies used to support players’ emotional, social and physical development. They safely participate and apply concepts during a diverse range of activities promoting teamwork and collaboration.


Sport, Activity, Culture and Society

Students explore a range of sports and physical activities that contribute to individual, societal and cultural identity. They participate in and reflect on how a variety of physical activities and culturally diverse individual and team sports impact personal, societal and national identity.


Assessment Requirements

  • 60-minute exam – 1 per semester
  • Research task – 600-800 words
  • Performance skills
  • Communication skills

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