Specialist Mathematics (T)

Specialist Mathematics is designed for students with a strong interest in mathematics, including those intending to study mathematics, statistics, physical sciences and associated fields, actuarial studies, or engineering at university. Specialist Mathematics must be taken in conjunction with Specialist Methods. The subject contains topics in functions, calculus, probability and statistics that build on and deepen the ideas presented in Specialist Methods and demonstrate their application in many areas. Vectors, complex numbers and matrices are introduced.


Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4

Vectors in the plane




Real and complex numbers

Complex numbers

Functions and sketching graphs

Vectors in three dimensions

Integration and applications of integration

Rates of change and differential equations

Statistical inference

Assessment Requirements (per unit)

  • Mid-semester Test (75-90 minutes)
  • Investigation (2-4 week take home task) with in-class validation
  • End of semester Test (90 minutes)

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