Tourism and Event Management (T/A)

The tourism, event management and hospitality industry contribute significantly to the Australian economy and employs individuals on a casual, part-time and full-time basis. This industry is committed to training, ongoing improvements and new challenges.

This course allows students to gain an understanding and appreciation of the workplace culture of the tourism and hospitality industry and engage in examining and evaluating the impact of social, cultural and environmental issues facing the industry. Through the theoretical and practical components of this course, students are provided with opportunities to develop skills, concepts, processes and attitudes crucial to making valid decisions typical for tourism and hospitality industry.  (regarding hospitality and tourism issues.)


Course Units

Tourism and Event Management

This unit introduces students to the tourism industry in Australia and students will develop their tourism and event management skills.


Global Tourism

This unit introduces students to global tourism and students will examine and evaluate global tourism operations.


Working in Tourism

This unit introduces students to working in the tourism industry and students develop their skills for working in tourism applications.


Tourism and Event Promotion

This unit introduces students to tourism and events. Students develop their skills in tourism and event applications.

Assessment Requirements

  • Research report with recommendations – 800-1000 words(T) / 500-800 words (A)
  • Examination – 90 minutes (T) / 60 minutes (A)
  • Event Management Activities.
  • Plan, design and implement an event.
  • Industry simulation

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