Food and Textiles

The Food and Textile Department is an exciting place to be. Our classes allow students to learn through actively participating in the curriculum. From the kitchens you will almost always enjoy an exciting array of aromas wafting from any of the classes while students are developing their culinary skills. Whilst in the textiles student work with a variety of fabrics and decoration techniques, completing activities that enable the development of knowledge and skills The College has developed a more cohesive and aligned approach to curriculum in the Middle School, High School and Senior College to allow students to develop skills and knowledge in Food and Textile Technology.

Middle School

Year 7 students do a compulsory combined Food and Textiles unit for one semester. Ten weeks, or one term, of each subject is studied. Classes consist of two scheduled single lessons each week. Year 8 there are two Food and two Textiles Technology electives offeredFood and Textiles units focus on implementing the Australian curriculum. Students are encouraged to use technology in the kitchen and textiles room when selecting and applying practical skills, techniques, tools and materials to create design solutions.

High school

Students in Years 9 and 10 can undertake a continuing elective course for two years or a year-long course in Food and Textiles. These electives give students an opportunity to develop more in depth knowledge and skills in an area of interest. They are encouraged to develop creativity; management and higher order thinking skills through a variety of tasks. The two broad subject outcomes encompassing Food and Textiles electives include: The students designs, makes and appraises using technology; and the students taking action to promote health.

Senior College

In Years 11 & 12, Hospitality Studies (A/V), and Fashion Design (A/T) are currently offered. These courses follow the BSSS course frameworks and documents. Study in these unit allow students to begin a potential career pathway Upon completion of a Vocational course such as Hospitality – students will receive the appropriate certificates or a statement of attainment of the competencies achieved.

In College students are encouraged to share their learning with staff and students and visitors through catering in the kitchens and at the SFX Cafe. Students are encouraged to enter competitions and events outside the college. Many opportunities are given for students to participate in excursions around Canberra and interstate.

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