日本語 – Italiano

Students at St Francis Xavier College have a wonderful opportunity to broaden their horizons, meet people from overseas and learn an important life skill all within the Languages Department.

Year 7 students select between two vibrant and practical languages – Italian and Japanese. The courses are designed at an appropriate level for secondary students, and include topics of particular interest to Australian teenagers. Each course incorporates numerous cultural aspects, vital to the deep understanding of a foreign language. This cultural understanding prepares students for study tours to their country of interest and provides current information on trends and lifestyles.

In all languages, students have the opportunity to participate in food tasting, dance, traditional arts and crafts, local, interstate and overseas study tours (run biannually) , listen to guest speakers, pen pal exchanges and hosting an exchange student. For those students who continue Japanese study into Year 11, there is also the opportunity to sit an entrance exam for the ANU College Japanese H Course. This course may have the benefit of an offer of early entry into and ANU Asian Studies course upon successful completion of the H Course.

Students are taught by passionate and dedicated teachers, all of whom have significant in-country experience and are therefore able to offer students unique insights into cultural perspectives and language use.

Learning a language not only increases awareness of others, it also increases students understanding of their own language and calls them to reflect on how they understand their world.

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