Physical Education

Physical activity is an important part of the lives of our students. Participation in physical activity provides opportunities for relaxation, enjoyment, recreation, fitness, social interaction, competition and a balanced lifestyle. The experience of physical activity in play, recreation, sport, fitness and the outdoor environments, provides challenge, personal growth and enjoyment.

In Health Education lessons we aim to provide a foundation for developing active and informed members of society, capable of managing the interactions between themselves and their social, cultural, physical and natural environments in the pursuit of lifelong involvement in physical activity, good health and well being. Students studying health acquire knowledge, information and skills to assist them in their decision making.

In Physical Education practical lessons we aim to develop fundamental movement skills, allowing students to transfer these skills in a variety of setting and into a competitive situation. We develop teamwork, self-assessment, umpire and officiating and coaching skills in practical lessons. We aim to have students engage and enjoy practical activities allowing for a positive foundation for life long participation in physical activity.


  • To offer a well balanced developmental program from year 7 to 10 students which incorporates the areas of fundamental motor skills, gymnastics, games skills and techniques, sport and recreation activities
  • To encourage participation and skill development in a variety of sports
  • To increase the emphasis on sportsmanship and to promote enjoyable and satisfying completion and skill development through participation
  • To provide all students with the opportunity to participate in safe and appropriate sporting activities
  • To develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to ensure good personal health
  • To enable each student to reach their full sporting potential.


Senior Courses

The Health and Physical Education Department offers two courses within the Senior School.

The Exercise Science course is a tertiary course. It aims to provide essential knowledge and skills that assist students in gaining access to vocational opportunities and who wish to proceed to post-secondary studies in the fields of: Paramedical, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports training/conditioning, sports studies, teaching, community fitness and recreation and other areas of applied anatomy and physiology. Units to be studies will be Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Performance and Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Sports Injuries, Biomechanics and Sports Psychology.

The Physical Education course is an accredited course. It is a practical activity based course and aims to provide students with an number of National vocational certificates and industry recognised certificates including a Senior First Aid Certificate and Bronze Medallion. This is a program of regular physical activity which aids in the maintenance of their personal fitness and their continued participation in sporting and recreational activities. Units to be studied are: Lifesaving, Field sports, First Aid, Team Sports, Coaching Principles, Football Codes, Sports Competitions, and Individual Sports.

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