The Science Curriculum at SFX aims to foster in our students a passion for Science through an enjoyable and rigorous curriculum.  The curriculum aims to provide our students with an understanding of important scientific concepts, the practices used to develop these concepts and of the history of Science and its contribution to our society.

In year 7, students undertake an Integrated Mathematics, Science and ICT Curriculum through the Middle School STEM Program while in years 8-10, students study Science as a separate subject.  Senior students can choose from Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Earth and Environmental Science as part of a Tertiary package or a combination of these subjects.

Science students at SFX may also participate in a range of extension opportunities such as the ICAS Science Competition, the Australian National Chemistry Quiz, the RACI Titration Stakes, the Science and Engineering Challenge and the annual Brain Bee Challenge. Students are also actively encouraged and supported to undertake studies in the Australian National University College Program.

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