Extension procedures

In exceptional circumstances, requests for extension of time must be made on the appropriate form and submitted to the subject Studies Coordinator after consulting with the class teacher at least two days before the assignment is due. The class teacher must be the first point of call.

If an extension has been granted for an assignment, the Request for Extension of Time form, as well as the Senior Assessment Task Cover Sheet, must be attached to the front of the assignment before it is submitted to the Senior Studies Coordinator.

Students must have the Request for Extension of Time form signed by at least one parent or guardian when the assignment is submitted.

Forms are available from the Resource Centre, Student Office, Senior Studies Coordinator and Canvas.

Assessment extension policy

Our extension policy is dictated by the BSSS and we are required by legislation to follow their guidelines in this matter.

Students may request an extension from their classroom teacher if they are unable to complete a task on time due to an ongoing physical or mental health issue and must present evidence to back this up.

Acceptable student evidence can be:

  • a medical certificate or letter from a doctor
  • a note on the student’s Personalised Plan that allows the student to have extra time on a task
  • an email from ACT health (covid@act.gov.au) saying that they have COVID-19 (from any type of test) and that they must isolate.

One of the above must be sighted by the teacher and subject coordinator before an extension is granted. Very few other types of extension are available to senior students.

A Student cannot be granted an extension if they are isolating due to Covid in the family, but they themselves are unaffected—unless this isolation means they miss a practical component of a task or the sitting date of a test or in-class task.

Extensions cannot be granted for family or school events if the student is busy with other tasks or if the student has left it too late to finish appropriately.

Extension process

Steps that need to be followed for a student to gain an extension:

  1. Student collects an extension form
  2. The student requests an extension from their classroom teacher—the teacher must sight one of the acceptable pieces of student evidence (the teacher should know if the student has a personalised plan) and signs the form.
  3. The student then must have the form signed by the Studies Coordinator of that class, who will also check the student evidence. If the extension is approved, then the subject coordinator will record this as a Chronicle entry.

Occasionally, an extension will be applied by the Senior Studies Coordinator if a student is having significant personal, medical or mental health issues and cannot make it to the classroom teacher. In this case, the teacher and subject coordinator will be notified by a Chronicle entry.

Extensions for students who return a positive COVID-19 test

To best support our students who test positive to COVID-19—while following BSSS procedures—one of the following pieces of evidence is required to request an extension for their assessment.

  • The email the student/parent/guardian receives from ACT Health (covid@act.gov.au) after the student receives a positive PCR test informing that they have tested positive to Covid.
  • The email student/parent/guardian receives from ACT Health (covid@act.gov.au) after the student registers a positive RAT result on the ACT Health website.

A copy of this email will need to be given to your student’s classroom teacher when requesting an extension due to testing positive to COVID-19.

Further guidelines for students who are isolating

Students may also be required to isolate if a family member in their household tests positive to Covid, even if they do not have Covid themselves. In this instance, students will not be eligible for an extension as they do not have a condition which limits their capacity to complete their assignments. This is relevant for research or written tasks as these can be completed by the student in their own time.

However, if during their isolation period the student misses an in-class component of a task, or a class test, an extension can be granted for these tasks.

Acceptable evidence for this type of extension will be:

  • the email you receive from ACT Health (covid@act.gov.au) after you register the student as a close contact on the ACT Health website.

For any questions regarding Covid and student assessment please get in touch with your student’s classroom teacher or Ian Stace-Winkles (Senior Studies Coordinator) on ian.stace-winkles@sfx.act.edu.au.