Resource Centre

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Friday: 8am – 3:15pm

The Resource Centre (RC) is an integral part of St Francis Xavier College. It provides resources and assistance to all members of our community.

Most lessons, the teaching areas in the RC are filled to capacity with classes booked in or individual students doing research during their free lines. Reading for leisure is also a large part of our culture, with our new comfy and spacious reading space, “The Lounge”, allowing for whole classes to find a space to relax and read.

The RC opens both before and after school, remaining open at recess and first lunch for seniors, and for juniors at second lunch. Students are encouraged to make use of the RC after school to help balance their home/school life. Teacher Librarians are available to assist students with their research needs.

We have a wide range of resources available for individual and class needs, such as books, eReaders, DVDs and Clickview, Audio books and Cameras (both still and video).



At St Francis Xavier College (SFX) students will develop information literacy skills and knowledge related to information gathering, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.  Ultimately, they will learn how to learn.

As well as our non-fiction books, our Online Databases are a large part of our service, and they deliver current peer reviewed articles on topics including History, Ethics, Health, as well as Australian and world-wide newspapers and magazines online.

RC staff are actively engaged in delivering whole school research and referencing skills. This includes specific Year 7 and 11 orientation sessions, and general individual and class research sessions.



Through literature, students will develop their knowledge, be transformed as language users and gain enrichment from experiences outside their own lives.  At SFX, students are encouraged to relax and read in The Lounge, and to recommended books for our physical and digital collection.


The Reading and Accelerated Reader Programs

The RC aims to promote and model reading for leisure. Each Year 7 to 10 class is given a permanent fortnightly booking into The Lounge to read. The reading sessions are managed by the Teacher Librarians. Each fortnight the sessions begin with a focus that highlights a different section of the Resource Centre and students then spend the majority of the time engaged in reading for leisure. A large range of Magazines, fiction and non-fiction books are available, as well as Manga and Graphic Novels.

Years 7 and 8 have a particular focus during their sessions, and this is the Accelerated Reader Program. This involves supporting students in a tailored program to improve their reading and literacy skills.  Through their STAR Reader Test, students receive a reading range. Their progress in their reading is monitored closely and they are encouraged to build on their literacy skills, to develop and extend their range and to meet personal reading targets.



We offer a variety of clubs and activities in which students can get involved:

  • Manga Club
  • Reading Cafe
  • Games
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Weekly quizzes with prizes
  • Relaxing in our courtyard at lunch