Resource Centre

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Friday: 8am – 3:15pm

The Resource Centre (RC) is an integral part of St Francis Xavier College. It provides resources and assistance to all members of the SFX community.

Most lessons, the teaching areas in the RC are filled to capacity with classes booked in or individual students doing research during their free lines. Reading for leisure is also a large part of our culture, with our new comfy and spacious reading space, “The Lounge”, allowing for whole classes to find a space to relax and read.

The RC opens both before and after school, remaining open at recess and first lunch for seniors, and for juniors at second lunch. Students are encouraged to make use of the RC after school to help balance their home/school life. The college is blessed to have dedicated staff that provide additional support to our students through the Homework Heroes initiative. This runs after school Monday through Thursday from 3-4pm. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of Maths Tutorials on a Wednesday afternoon when Maths teachers are available in the RC for small group tutoring.

We have a wide range of resources available for individual and class needs. The Resource Centre’s virtual space can be found on Canvas. Print resources are held in the RC and are available for searching through Oliver on our Canvas page. eBooks, audio books, digital videos, magazines, newspapers and a wide variety of databases are on offer to compliment the curriculum, most of which are available 24/7. The RC Canvas page provides links to the Library catalogue, Assignment help, Bibliography generator, online databases, referencing and study skill support. Parents can access our Canvas page using their user name and password sent to them by the College.

Virtual Reality headsets are a new addition to the RC and allow classes to take virtual excursions all over the world to help bring to life their study. From Year 12 Psychology students studying the brain and neuroscience to a field trip to Ancient Egypt’s pyramids with our Year 7 Humanities classes, our students are excited and engaged by this technology. 


At Saint Francis Xavier College (SFX) students will develop information literacy skills and knowledge related to information gathering, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Ultimately, they will learn how to learn.

RC staff are actively engaged in delivering whole school research and referencing skills. This includes fortnightly lessons for all Year 7 and 8 students where information literacy skills are delivered at a time that complements their area of study in Humanities classes. Teacher Librarian’s run tutorials for all class levels that upskill students on research strategies, website evaluation and referencing.

As well as our non-fiction books, our Online Databases and eBooks are a large part of our information service, and they deliver current peer reviewed articles on topics including History, Ethics, Health, as well as Australian and world-wide newspapers and magazines online.

The RC has designated study spaces for our Senior students. For group or collaborative work, we have a seating area conveniently located amongst the non – fiction collection. Students are encouraged to use their ‘free’ study line wisely and this space is available to them during Resource Centre open hours. The Senior study is a designated quiet area set aside as one of the only ‘silent’ areas of the College. Students are asked to work individually in this area to facilitate quiet study. This is a heavily utilised area especially during the busy exam period. RC staff are on hand to assist with locating quality information sources, and to provide support with any referencing enquiries.


Through literature, students will develop their knowledge, be transformed as language users and gain enrichment from experiences outside their own lives.  The fiction collection is arranged by genre to promote the ease of selecting. At SFX, students are encouraged to relax and read in The Lounge. Students are able to suggest titles that they would like to see added to our collection. We value these suggestions and regularly add these titles.

The RC aims to promote and model reading for leisure. Each Year 7 and 8 class is given a permanent fortnightly booking in The Lounge to read. Year 9 and 10 English classes visit several times each term. These sessions are managed by the Teacher Librarians where half of the time is spent developing Information Literacy skills and the remainder of the time is spent engaged in reading for leisure. A large range of Magazines, fiction and non-fiction books and eBooks are available, as well as Manga and Graphic Novels. Students are encouraged to make book recommendations for our collection in which are purchased and made available in a timely manner.

All students are welcome to come along to the Reading Café held in the Kingsford Smith room during recess on Thursdays. Here students enjoy hot chocolate while chatting to like-minded students about their love of reading and engaging in various literary inspired activities.


The RC is a screen free zone during Lunch 2 to promote positive student interaction and social skills . We offer a range of board games, cards and chess as screen-free options for students to engage and participate in. In winter the students are encouraged to join in completing a jigsaw puzzle or two with other students in the quiet and warmth.

In the warmer months, students have access to our integrated outdoor courtyard space. Read a book, play a game of cards or chat quietly in the relaxing and cool garden space.

We also offer a variety of clubs in which students can get involved:

  • Manga Club
  • Reading Café
  • Kids’ Lit Quiz competition

Book Week 2018


As the use of libraries has changed dramatically so too is how our products are presented. Genrification in libraries means that rather than the fiction collection being grouped together by author, books are instead grouped together by genre – similar to what you would find at the local bookstore or on Netflix.  Students are able to self select titles when they visit the Resource Centre during Humanities or English classes.

Guide to Genres