Senior College

Seniors students at St Francis Xavier College are privileged to be able to learn in a safe and welcoming environment but with the many ‘rights’ there are ‘responsibilities’. Seniors are extended various privileges which increase over Years 11 and 12, but there is also an expectation that senior students are very much part of the school community and act role models to our younger students. Catholic education remains at the forefront of a senior student’s daily life at SFX. One practical application of this involves attendance at activities such as Pastoral Class, assemblies, liturgies and community days.

Students are encouraged to think carefully about the pathway that they would like to follow over Years 11 and 12. They receive course selection counselling prior to Year 11 and are able to make changes to to their choices over the Senior years. Parents are involved in the initial course counselling and in any change requests. All students are valued and encouraged to keep their options open.

Students are offered a wide variety of opportunities, in and out of the classroom. The needs of Senior School students at SFX are supported through:

  • supervised study for Year 11 students—three lessons per week in semester one and one lesson per week in semester two
  • additional staff in the Resource Centre
  • state of the art facilities including classrooms with data projectors linked to the Internet and IT rich break-out areas
  • one lesson per week ACT Scaling Test preparation for Year 12 students who intend sitting the AST
  • increased leadership opportunities for Seniors
  • a senior common room.

The highest standards of behaviour and example are expected from Senior students. Speech, dress and manners should reflect the College’s rules and values.

Conscientious application to their studies is expected from all students with parents advised of unsatisfactory attendance, progress or conduct.

Information for seniors

Senior Handbook

Important information for seniors.

Career advice

The SFX Careers website will help make decisions about your future.

Senior courses

All the courses offered for seniors in 2023.

Career quiz

Find your work style and explore careers you might enjoy.

Choosing courses

How the ACT Senior Education System works.

VET Handbook

Information about Vocational Education and Training courses.

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