ACTION Timetable Changes: Letter from Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

We have been made aware of the proposed changes to the Transport Canberra bus network commencing in January 2019. Of particular interest are the changes proposed to school bus services.

Initial analysis indicates that the majority of the Catholic Primary Schools will need to use the general bus routes, having to connect and/or interchange at bus stations.

At Catholic Secondary Schools including Congregational Schools, some of the currently available dedicated school bus services have remained although with a reduction of services of approximately 75%.

Catholic Education has requested Transport Canberra to provide further information on the following concerns;

  • How will the students be supported when interchanging?
  • How many customer service officers and student safety officers would be available at each interchange?
  • What is the specific type of support provided to Primary students?
  • Will there be any dedicated platforms at interchanges for school bus services?
  • What is the process to handle any incidents which will be a breach of safety?
  • What support is provided to school students inside the buses, particularly for Primary students?
  • Is there a priority for students getting on general public buses which are at full capacity?

As parents and carers, you are strongly urged to provide your feedback through “YourSay” on before 12 August 2018.

Details on the changes to school bus services can be found on

We will continue our discussions with Transport Canberra and provide further information as and when available.

Yours faithfully

Colleen Rowe


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