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SFX BYOD Program

Starting in 2023, St Francis Xavier College will be moving to bring your device (BYOD). The transition will begin with Year 7 and Year 10 students and each subsequent year group until all students have rolled onto the new program.

BYOD is a program where students bring their own devices to school to enhance their learning, instead of the College purchasing and leasing them out.

It is the responsibility of the family to purchase a device. The device is owned by the family.

As part of the BYOD program, the College will be offering two supported arrangements:

  • College Supported BYOD – Devices are purchased through our recommended Vendor (Learning With Technologies – LWT) and fully supported by the College throughout the device lifecycle.
  • Home Supported BYOD – Devices purchased from elsewhere that meet the minimum Home Supported BYOD Specifications of the College. These devices will be provided with basic set-up and support from the College and rely on the students and families to provide troubleshooting and repairs.
The program will be rolled over the next three years as follows:

Current Year 6 students (2023)

Students who will be in Year 7 at SFX in 2024—families will need to purchase a device under the new Digital BYOD Program.

Current Year 7 students (2023)

Students started on the BYOD Program at the start of 2023.

No further action required.

Current Year 8 students (2023)

Students will continue to use their current device until the end of 2024. Families will need to begin the purchasing process in 2024.

Current Year 9 students (2023)

Students will continue to use their current device until the end of 2023. Families will need to begin the purchasing process in 2023.

Current Year 10 students (2023)

Students started on the BYOD Program at the start of 2023.

No further action required.

Current Year 11 students (2023)

Students will continue to use their current device.

Current Year 12 students (2023)

Students will continue to use their current device.

Students are to transition to the BYOD program on the scheduled program start date noted in the above table. Should a student bring a BYOD device to the College prematurely, families will be responsible for providing all device maintenance and repairs, as well as continuing to pay school fees in full as per the relevant current schedule of fees and charges until the official scheduled program start date.

College Supported BYOD

In this BYOD option, you select and purchase a device through our recommended Vendor via the SFX Vendor Portal. All device purchases will include Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) and three year extended onsite warranty support to ensure the College can provide a platform to fully support the device through its lifecycle. This is the easiest option of BYOD as it allows you to “sit and forget” about the device while we provide full support for the student.

Ordering your laptop
  • Go to the SFX Vendor Portal.
  • Select to either BUY NOW or BUY WITH FINANCE.
  • Select the device and accessories that best suit the student’s learning requirements. The price shown is with the ADP included, however due to government regulations, you must wait five days to proceed with your insurance/warranty purchase. LWT will contact you in five days time to complete your purchase. Your purchase and acceptance onto the College Supported BYOD cannot proceed without the purchase of ADP.
  • Enter your order details and complete your order by selecting your preferred payment method.
  • Once ADP has been purchased (after the five day waiting period) LWT will process your order. The laptop will be shipped to SFX for software imaging and access to the College WiFi network. Accessories will be shipped to SFX with your device.
  • Within roughly 7-10 days, SFX IT Network Support will contact you to come and collect your device from the College. The device will be handed over once the Digital BYOD Agreement is signed.
  • Your device is now ready for use.

Orders must be placed by 1 December each year to ensure the device is ready for the start of the next school year.**

** please note for the 2023 school year, due to supply chain disruption in Australia currently, we recommend purchases to be completed by mid-October 2022. Any orders placed after this date are not guaranteed to arrive before the start of the new school year.

Vendor order portal

Repairs and maintenance

For any problems, the student should visit IT Network Support. All repairs will be carried out on the College premises in a specially purposed repair centre.

  • For problems arising from software issues the device will be reimaged.
  • For warranty-related hardware issues IT Network Support will repair the device and return it to the student as quickly as possible.
  • Repairs will be carried out on student devices with an aim to have the device returned to the student on the next business day, where there is an extended delay in the repair being completed, a spare device will be issued to the student (if available).
Helpful links

Home Supported BYOD


If you would prefer to provide your child with a device from another supplier, we have a full list of minimum specifications which require mandatory compliance. Macs are not permitted under the SFX BYOD Program.

Be sure to read these carefully.

We also highly recommend reading the FAQs and/or having a discussion with our preferred Vendor (LWT) before proceeding with your private purchase.

Repairs and maintenance

Basic WiFi connectivity issues will be supported by the College and we will assist with troubleshooting issues with College licenced software – for example, Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Canvas and Compass. IT Network Support will only provide assistance with the student present.Beyond that, any issues with the device will be up to the student and family to address with their place of purchase or an independent repair shop. Temporary devices will not be provided if a Home Supported BYOD device is not working or being repaired.

View the required specifications

More information

Read the Digital BYOD Policy and the comprehensive FAQs for more information.




For enquiries about the SFX Bring Your Own Device program, contact:

Recommended Vendor – Learning With Technologies
The College

BYOD Support Team: byod@sfx.act.edu.au


The College reception is open from 8.15am to 4.15pm, Monday to Friday during the school term.

02 6258 1055

Barnard Circuit
Florey ACT 2615
PO Box 3248 BC
Belconnen ACT 2617

The student office is open from 8.15am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday during the school term.



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