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From Middle School

September 17, 2021

In the last week of Remote learning all Year 8 students had the option of completing some activities on a matrix. These activities ranged from sending kind card messages to the elderly, completing a survey of how they have been coping in remote learning, how they feel about important issues and a general check in. These were some of the responses Mrs. Monaghan received and thought it would be nice to share with the SFX community.  Thank you, Year, 8!!


Thoughts from Middle School Year 8 students….

The Middle School students have been doing some deep thinking during Term 3 remote learning. Here’s their thoughts:

How do you feel about Remote Learning?

It was hard at points, and I didn’t know if I would finish work but I managed to do it all but it was challenging

I found it a bit stressful and a bit of a struggle but overall, I got through it and am looking forward to the holidays.

It was good but I really wanted to be with my friends and at school where it’s easier to get help and understand things.

It can get stressful so managing time is something we all need to focus on now more than ever

I think in some ways it is good because I can choose when I want to complete the work, rather than having to stick to the school timetable. However, it can be a bit difficult not having a teacher or my peers there to connect with and ask questions, but I have been trying to complete the work on calls with people in my year and class. This helps me.

It was hard at first it got a bit easier, but I hate it now it’s making me go a little crazy.

Difficult to stay motivated but I am enjoying the time I’m spending with family.

It was difficult not being able to work with others

Sometimes it was a bit too much work but I managed to finish it all on time

Sometimes it’s stressful when things haven’t been submitted even though I have completed them and tried to submit them. I also don’t feel I work as well towards my education like how I would at school. I also think I’m going a little crazy because I have not been able to laugh with friends lately.

It is very nice because I have the fridge right next to me but also bad because I can’t see my friends at school

Overall, pretty good, I found that my teachers this year were a lot more aware of the work load we could take. Last year I would be rushing all week to get everything done on time and sometimes I wouldn’t get it done but this lockdown has been a lot easier for me at least.

I found it wasn’t too bad however I got confused with work sometimes but even then I could just send emails with questions to my teachers and they help me straight away.

It was hard because I didn’t have my friends and teachers to help me.  I wouldn’t tell my friends, but I miss my teachers too.


How do you feel about modern slavery?

I think it’s disgusting. I honestly don’t know how people that are closely involved with putting people into modern slavery sleep at night. We need to do everything we can do to help those that are victims of modern slavery.

I think it is a disgrace to human kind because everyone deserves to feel safe and wanted, no one should have to be working in these harmful environments

I think modern slavery is such a big issue in our world today, and I am glad we are learning about it so we have the knowledge to try and make a difference.

Disgusted!! People deserve the right to live freely and get paid well for working.  How can this happen in 2021?

I think that modern slavery is disgusting. It is awful what people are capable of doing to others. Not to mention it goes against so many basic human rights.


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