Resource Centre and Reading Bingo

The Resource Centre has had a whirlwind of a start to 2020 with the loaning of thousands of textbooks and novels… literally, and we’ve welcomed two new staff members- Mr John Spilstead and Ms Marcella Tonini who have survived our craziest week of the year and have kept coming back for more… winning!!

The Resource Centre has launched a College-wide reading initiative this year called Reading Bingo. It involves reading across different genres to diversify reading selections, try new things and find new reading interests. Students, staff and families are all encouraged to participate in this fun and challenging initiative.

Lastly, can I remind you that Homework Heros is a service run from Monday to Thursday every week between 3-4pm where students can come along to the Kingsford Smith room to receive support with any school-related task. On Monday afternoons, we will continue to have Math teachers provide support to students seeking help from 3-4pm. I’d like to thank all of the staff involved in offering these additional learning opportunities to our students and wish for all of our students a productive and fun year of learning ahead.

Erin Pitt
Resource Centre Coordinator

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