2022 SLT announced

2022 Leadership team

The 2022 Senior Leadership Team has been announced this week.

A big congratulations to the students who were selected and we also send a big thank you to all the students who applied for these very important positions at our school.

College Captains Zoe Cresswell and Nyibango Costa
College Vice Captains Deborah Simpson and Andrew Knight
Gariwang House Captains Jorja Simpson and Riley Brine
Pindari House Captains Isobel White and Nicholas Wade
Irin Irin House Captains Jocelyn Moore and Emma McKune
Koorilla House Captains Malual Aleer and William Price
Dullugal House Captains Amy Wilkinson and Kyarna Toohey
Spirituality and Wellbeing Captains Saraid Garton and George Tuipeatau
Social Justice Captains Mikayla Fitzpatrick and Grace Laurent
Sustainability and Environment Captains Ebony Cowan and Sarah Raccosta
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