Top Marks for Titration

Two SFX teams competed in the RACI Titration Stakes Final on 12 September and were placed first and second in the ACT section, which is an excellent achievement that is only possible with a high level of practical skills and application of chemical concepts. Their results will be ranked against the results of teams in other states to determine their place in the national competition. Alicia Rhodes, Carley Terpstra and Mia Thornton were in the team with the best result and Amy Briggs, Lauren Mills and Rachael Nahon were in the second placed team.

The students were also assessed on their individual performance with Alicia and Rachael receiving gold medals, while Carley, Mia, Amy and Lauren received silver medals.

They were all great representatives for our school and their commitment to preparing for this event during a busy assessment time is commendable and was rewarded.

Karla, the science lab technician, prepared the glassware and equipment for the practice sessions and her support is acknowledged as participation in this competition would not be possible without her support.

Karen Humphrey
Science Teacher

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