Bakonji’s Biannual Bento Bonanza

By Natalie Bakonji

Thursday 29th March saw a return of the Bento lunch for Mrs Bakonji’s Japanese students. There were over 100 individual items ordered and the staff at Bento Tei Gungahlin did a great job to get it all delivered on time and still warm.

Once everyone picked up their lunches they had a great time sitting under the trees at the front of the school having a chat and munching down on familiar and unfamiliar flavours.

Mrs Bakonji was very happy that there were a lot of students trying new foods for the first time. All the students enjoyed their lunches and are looking forward to Semester 2 when we will do it all again – when the weather warms up.

“The food was very fresh and tasted authentic”, Maddy, Year 7

“It was fun trying new foods with friends and it was tasty”, Cassie, Year 7

Enjoy some pictures of the amazing food the students enjoyed!


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