Beginning New Journeys

By Anne Armstrong, RE Curriculum Coordinator

The beginning of a new year, and a new school year brings joy, anticipation, excitement, not a little anxiety.  It is the beginning of a new journey, to places unknown, in the companionship of those we know and those we are yet to know. Some of these people we will love, some we will tolerate and others we will be glad to leave behind at journey’s end. In this journey we learn tolerance, grace, compassion and empathy.

Some journeys are unexpected, others planned for years. Each brings the opportunity for growth. This year’s College liturgical theme is “We journey together”

During the holidays 3 wonderful inspiring women of the arts went to God. One was a contemplative nun, Sister Wendy Beckett; the other a great American poet, Mary Oliver; the third a local Australian actress, Penny Cook, best known for her role in a classic Australian soap, A Country Practice.  One of our staff members loved her so much, she named her daughter Penny.

Engaging in the Arts is such an inspiring way to nourish our spirituality, our hopes, our dreams, our growing, our relationships and exploring the possibilities of our vocation.  The arts should inspire, challenge, engage, question, call us to consider our meaning and purpose. Above all, they should promote hope, self belief and transcendence.

Maybe this year you can aim to read more poetry, view more art, live a life passionately in the service of others. Where ever your journey takes you, may you be blessed, amazed, inspired and, as the poet Mary Oliver says:

So come to the pond,
or the river of your imagination,
or the harbor of your longing,

and put your lips to the world.
And live
your life.

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