Busy in Textiles

The Year 9 and 10 Textile students have been busy creating some lovely pieces of work.

The Year 9 students have been experimenting with the Cricut to embellish the pyjamas that they made during first semester. They also added some great embellishments to the hooded jumpers that they made. They have been learning the difference between knit and woven fabric and have been studying the properties and production processes of several different fibres. Want to know what is the best material for sportwear? The Year 9 Textiles class will be able to help you out with that! Students are currently working on designing and creating their own tote bag.

Year 10 students studied several Textile artists last semester and created their own designs based on their chosen Textile artists’ influence. Textile artists’ who were studied included Ian Berry who works with denim to create collages, Benjamin Shine who uses tulle as the medium for his artwork and Lucy Sparrow who creates life sized replicas of existing objects out of felt and wool.  Students also learned quilting techniques to create a quilted cushion. This semester, student’s have been working on setting up their own Textiles hand made small business as a major project. It was a privilege to have guest speaker Tania Vrancic to share her wealth of knowledge as a small business owner to the students. Tania spoke about the considerations and setting up required to run a thriving and successful handmade small business. She gave useful tips on marketing and how to create a cohesive image. Tania also discussed the importance of conducting research and how to use analytics from social media to identify your target audience.  Tania kindly offered to mentor any student who was wishing to take the next step in setting up their small business. We are looking forward to seeing the prototypes students produce for their small business project.

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