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Dear Families

When talking about the pandemic we often hear “we are all in this together”. Families may be feeling a greater sense of connection, increased quality time with their immediate families, a re-prioritising of what is important  and a sense of resilience.  However we are also aware that while this is a shared experience in many ways, it also is an experience influenced by family circumstances, current stressors and our sense of well-being.  As the SFX counselling team, we are acutely aware that for some this is a particularly challenging time.

We are able to provide face-to-face appointments and online counselling via email and video conferencing to SFX students and their families. We can offer a check-in for students who are struggling to maintain a healthy outlook as they perhaps struggle with motivation or there is an increase in tension among family members as you manage this new normal.  We are also available to support students who may feel ambivalent or apprehensive  as they now prepare for the transition back to school based learning.  Parents and carers are welcome to contact us if they are looking for ways to support their child’s emotional well-being and connect with them.

The best way for students or parents/carers to contact us is via email or by ringing the school to leave a message.

Below are a few of the many resources we have found most useful during this time.

At this time Headspace, a specialist youth mental health service in Canberra, currently has appointments available. You can contact Headspace Canberra on (02) 5109 9700 for more information or visit their website


Natalie Dickson
Student and Family Counsellor
CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn

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