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Creative Writing – Year 9 English

December 12, 2019

Year 9 English students have been busy working on poems about themes from their class novel. Some student work has been outstanding; showing a wonderful understanding of the texts, with creative and insightful poems.

Just a few examples are below:

We Begin to Age by James White – Year 9

At the end of the day the sun will go down

And in the morning the sun will rise again
As the wind ripples, the river begin to flow with speed
As the wind dies down the river starts to relax
As the tide comes in early in the morning
The tide must go out late in the afternoon
As the car fuel light comes on
That fuel light must go away
As the clouds pass
The blue sky brightens the day
When Johnny goes to sleep
He must rise again

Life goes on


We Live in as Society by Kasey Mitchell – Year 9

We live in a society

But we don’t thrive in a society

We, don’t live in a society

We are sorted




Even rainbow order

We must fit, we must fight freedom for faith in us fitting

To be that piece in the puzzle just to perceive a position in place

To exist or not to be

To be accepted, attributes affiliated with any alliance associates directly to any and every animal

Because that’s what we are in the end

One species in one solar system surviving under the same sun

Now when can we truly, live as a society?


Different from the Different by Ashleigh Wallis Year 9

Misunderstood like my love for literature,

My words don’t make sense to them

Separated from the pack,

Different from the different

I’m dangerous and always in danger

A criminal without committing a crime

Always given a second glance

Not trusted by the rest

An outsider from The Outsiders.


To all our families, have a wonderful Christmas holiday from all the staff in the English department. We look forward to working closely with your children and yourselves in the new year.


Megan Wyche
English Coordintor



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