End of Semester reporting process

To complement the end of Semester reporting process, SFX will now provide feedback on how each student approaches their learning in each of their classes. The report will come in the form of a rubric that will be released through Canvas. The rubric is a snapshot of the students’ progress and will provide valuable ongoing feedback on each of the descriptors. Students will then have the opportunity to improve their class engagement and organisation as they move through the continuum of criteria.

All rubrics will be released in Week 5 of each term, except for the Year 7 and 8 elective class rubrics which will be released in Week 7 of Term 1 and 4. This staggered approach allows the elective class teachers (who only see their students four hours a fortnight) the opportunity to get to know their students better before reporting.

The descriptors being reported on are as follows:

  • Actively engages with course content and completes classwork.
  • Works collaboratively with others.
  • Participates in class discussions.
  • Demonstrates independent learning skills.
  • Is organised and brings required equipment to class.
  • Submits assessment tasks by due date (formative and summative).
  • Demonstrates respect for the learning environment, peers and teachers.

The rubrics outline clear criteria on how students can engage with their learning in a positive way.

Please note, rubrics will be marked as complete or incomplete. If a student is unable to be marked against these criteria due to medical/approved absence their rubric will be marked as incomplete.

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