Help us raise money for Project Compassion

We are raising money for Caritas Project Compassion this Lent, which begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. We encourage students and families to give generously so that others who lack many basic necessities in life may enjoy better lives.  The Theme for Project Compassion this year is “We go further together” which fits well with our Religious theme for 2020: We journey together in truth and courage.

Each Week, Project Compassion focusses on a particular country and a personal story about a Caritas project that is providing skills and education to improve the quality of vulnerable people’s lives. This year these stories demonstrate how Caritas Australia empowers people to become channels of love and positive change for their communities.

Donate Online

An exciting new initiative this year is the SFX Fundraising Page which enables students, staff and families to donate online at the following link:

Around the world, people coming together to make the world a better place. Whether it’s ensuring everyone has access to clean, safe water supplies or a sustainable income source or adequate health care for their families, we are going to give it our all too. Please donate and help make the world a fairer place for all. Let’s go further, together.

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