HOTSTART Opportunity

Are you thinking about working in the Hospitality industry as a chef, waiter, receptionist, finance officer, marketing officer? Are you involved in Volunteering and want to increase your skill base? Are you in need of some pre-employment training…. take a look at HOTSTART program.

Limited opportunities remain to participate in this fantastic opportunity.

The first component of the ‘Hotstart’ program involves students undertaking one week of face-to-face pre-employment training delivered at one of our partner schools. The
pre-employment training program will give students a ‘taste’ of front and back of house hospitality activities and prepare them for the realities of the workplace. Progressing to the second and third components are not compulsory.

More Information

If you need more information contact the Careers Team: Mr Chris Stewart, Ms Debra Slack and Mrs Bernedette Bradley.

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